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  • Downtown Commons

  • Golden 1 Center

  • Midtown Association

  • Sacramento Kings

  • Transform 916

  • Truitt Bark Park



  • Consumer Technology Association

  • Launch Tennessee

  • Zignal Labs


  • Building America's Future


  • Pickens Plan

  • Plug in America


  • California Ballot Propositions: Yes on Prop 1a (2008), No on Prop 23 (2010), Yes on Prop 27 (2010), Yes on Props 55 and 56 (2016), No on Prop 8 (2018)

  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Re-Election Campaign (2006)

  • John McCain for President (2008)

  • Progress for America





  • BP

  • ExxonMobil


Marcia Hale

“Laura served as our communications advisor for several years, successfully crafting messages and securing media coverage in targeted markets across the country. Our membership is comprised of bipartisan elected officials, and her ability to understand multiple, complex policy issues and political dynamics helped Building America’s Future shape the national dialogue and reach new audiences.” 

President of Building America's Future

Josh Ginsberg

“Laura is a strategic partner that offers personalized attention and passion with everyone she represents. Regardless of the subject matter, she dives in headfirst to understand your objectives and offers counsel and creativity to break through the noise.”

CEO of Zignal Labs

Elizabeth Ashford

“If you want it done – right, the first time – work with Laura Braden Quigley. For years she has been my go-to for tough projects that needed a smart, strategic thinker who executes. There’s no better example than her work with my team supporting BP communications during the Gulf Coast oil spill. That was a monster of a job, complex and difficult at every level, and Laura tackled her roll with a relentless work ethic. It’s just one of many examples I can think of – bottom line, you want her with you in the foxhole. Hire Laura.”

Principal at Ceres Strategies

Reed Galen

“Laura’s ability to organize staff/consultants within complex timelines is unparalleled. She served as my deputy during Governor Schwarzenegger’s successful 2006 re-election campaign and Senator McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Laura managed the candidates’ political schedules and coordinated events ranging from community meetings to political rallies. She kept the trains running on time and ensured the various elements stayed on message – all with a smile on her face. I trust Laura to handle any situation with professionalism, poise and enthusiasm.” 

Owner of Jedburghs

Emily Baime Michaels

“We had the pleasure of working with Laura on public relations, crisis communications and general communication strategy. She is incredibly skilled at quickly understanding complex community and development issues, and crafting a strategy that speaks to multiple interests and generations. She’s well respected by elected officials and has become a “go-to” advisor on communications strategy for policy issues on Sacramento’s grid.” 

Executive Director for the Midtown Association

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